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10 December 2010

Beer in the Boondocks

or Potables in Poverty

Moving from the third largest city in the Midwest to the third smallest micropolitan statistical area in Georgia nearly a year and a half ago has been a transition to say the least. While my income nearly tripled overnight, my wife was unable to find a job and has since gone back to school. We are not poor in the absolute sense (and certainly aren't in the local, relative sense either), but we are far from money-secure. We essentially live month-to-month, paycheck-to-paycheck.

One of the many sacrifices that I've made has involved my appetite for good beer. I had grown used to regularly buying and enjoying expensive beers. Even if I could afford those kinds of beer now, they, and others like them, are simply not sold here. I have noticed some change in the market diversity since our arrival, though. We now get a couple more labels from Bell's Brewery and New Belgium Brewing, but it remains difficult to get really good beer without driving at least 40 minutes.

As soon as we can afford a larger apartment or a home, you'd better believe that I'll begin remedying this by regularly brewing my own beers!

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