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24 January 2011

The Story of My (User)name

Many have wondered over the years where Oldmanwhitaker came from. Here is the story. It began as a joke among my friends when I was in high school. If you remember the animated Scoobie Doo TV show, you might also remember that the episodes were very formulaic. Inevitably, Shaggy and friends traveled to a place that was haunted by ghosts, ghouls, aliens, or some equally odd being, and without fail, at the end of the show, the kids would reveal that the villain was actually a disgruntled local. They would pull off the offender's mask and exclaim, "Old man Whitaker?!!" As far as I can tell, there never was an Old Man Whitaker, but that name followed the pattern of "Mr. Wickles," "Pietro the Puppeteer," and "Harry the Hypnotist" so we embraced it. Later, it became the title of an instrumental song written and performed by the band of which I was a member in high school. When looking for a unique username with the concurrent advent of the interwebs, I thought Oldmanwhitaker was as good as anything else. "And, now you know the rest of the story."

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