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30 May 2011

Greek Travelogue: Monday

I've arrived! The trip wasn't terrible. Someone sitting near me on the plane was having some gas issues (repeatedly); otherwise, it wasn't so bad. I got some sleep, although not as much as I'd wanted. I got to see 27 Dresses, which was about what I expected; most of Unstoppable, which was not good; and part of one of the Narnia franchise, which was horrible.

I met up with one of the students here for the program at the airport, and we took the municipal light rail to where we're staying. He speaks fluent Greek and has visited the country countless times. I'm confident I would have gotten lost without him, especially since we got lost anyway. The folks who are in charge of the apartments (and who run a larger, independent study abroad program) are very laid back, so much so that it was initially off-putting--especially after being on planes and in airports for more than 12 hours. I'm chalking that up to Greek culture.

I had some issues finding the apartment where I'll be staying for the week. It's not a bad place, very Spartan [sic]. We're just a couple blocks from the stadium that was build for the first modern Olympic Games, and I got my first distant peak at the Acropolis, but I didn't have my camera handy to snap a picture of either. I promise I'll be more diligent about taking and posting those.

I caught some pizza with loukaniko (i.e. Greek sausage) for lunch and am chilling here in the apartment before the rest of the folks show up and we do a traditional taverna dinner together.

Fact o' the Day: Did you know that you're not supposed to flush your toilet paper here? How is that supposed to work? Greece, that kinda seems like a deal breaker to me. ;)

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