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16 July 2011


My wife and I took a roadtrip up to Nashville for the Independence Day weekend to visit some friends and listened to the audiobook of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I was surprised to have really liked it. A couple days ago, we watched the film adaptation. Like virtually all movies-from-books, it deviated considerably from the source material and was pale in comparison. The film, like the book, though, was in Swedish. (We watched the dubbed and not the subtitled version.) Everything about the film made me long for Sweden. My grandfather grew up in Sweden, and when I was about seven years old, we went back to visit family and to help my great grandmother move back to the United States. One of the lead actor vaguely resembled my grandfather. It was oddly nostalgic to see the written language on the billboards and newspapers featured in the film. I was even surprised that I immediately recognized Stockholm from an establishing shot in the movie. In particular, I remember that we saw from a distance a motorcycle accident on a bridge within eye-shot of the palace where the Nobel Prizes are awarded. I have a cousin who is getting married in Sweden soon, and I'm really hoping that we'll be able to afford the trip. If not, I've got a place that we'll be sure to visit at some point.

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