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05 September 2011

The Music of Middle School: Feeling Old

OK, so I have to admit that I was shocked to learn a couple weeks ago that one of the most influential albums of my life was turning twenty years old. It turns out that there are several groundbreaking works scheduled for big anniversaries. Here is a musical trip through my early-adolescence in chronological order:
  1. Pearl Jam Ten 27 August 1991 (6th grade)
  2. Nirvana Nevermind 24 September 1991 (6th grade)
  3. Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik 24 September 1991 (6th grade)
  4. Stone Temple Pilots Core 29 September 1992 (7th grade)
  5. Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine 6 November 1992 (7th grade)
  6. Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream 27 July 1993 (8th grade)
  7. Nirvana In Utero 21 September 1993 (8th grade)
  8. Green Day Dookie 1 February 1994 (8th grade)
  9. Weezer [Blue Album] 10 May 1994 (8th grade)
  10. Beastie Boys Ill Communication 24 May 1994 (8th grade)
Each of these albums has had a profound influence on my life in many ways. Here are a few humorous memories:
  • I nervously consulted my mother before buying Ten because it had "explicit lyrics." Well played, Tipper.
  • I cut a piece of tape out to put on the cover of Nevermind to protect Spencer Elden's modesty. The Missouri Synod would certainly have been proud.
  • I almost bought Shai's ...If I Ever Fall in Love instead of STP's Core. Imagine how that would have changed my musical trajectory.
  • I listened to Core on repeat all the way from Michigan to Florida on the family vacation in the back of our minivan through headphones plugged into a boombox in the days before CD Walkmen were affordable, sending many D-size batteries to the landfill in the process.

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  1. Nice! Converse to your road trip boombox, I first listened to Ten and Siamese Dream on my Disc-man rigged up to my brother's old tape-deck only boombox because I didn't have the money for a stereo system. Haha.

    This list reminds me once again how lucky we were to come of age during such an incredible time in music.