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02 October 2011

(Not So) "Picture Perfect Memories"

Last night, the band Lady Antebellum played SNL, and then, this morning, they were profiled on Sunday Morning. To be honest, I like the song "Need You Now." It's pretty catchy, but I take exception to their name. The trio discusses how they landed on the moniker in this video from the 4:13 to the 4:58 mark. I'm certainly not arguing that they intended this connection, but undoubtedly, the name invokes the image of a bygone era of simple gentility and traditional values that their fans find appealing, and therein lies the problem. "Lady Antebellum" romanticizes a time in our history that should most definitely be remembered, but it should be remembered in the full ugliness that defines it. Far from being the good ol' days, the antebellum period in the South was marked by slavery, widespread poverty, and economic uncertainty.

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