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17 May 2012

"Hot Problems" of the Privileged

On the heels of Rebecca Black's "Friday," I give you Double Take's "Hot Problems":

Look at me, and tell me the truth.
What do you do when people don't know what we go through?
They see my blonde hair, blue eyes, and class,
but they don't know I have a really big heart.

Please don't get me wrong;
I know that I'm hot, but textbook perfection really takes a lot.
Weird guys call my phone, and girls call me names,
but like Miley said, "I can't be tamed."
Hot girls, we have problems, too.
We're just like you—except we're hot.
The world needs to open their eyes and realize
we're not perfect, and sometimes, we lie.
I got the look. I got the butt,
but those things don't make me a [slut].
Boys call me stuck up. Girls say I'm conceited.
On behalf of all hot girls, those comments aren't needed.
Just 'cause I'm pretty, I have to be dumb.
"I don't care about wits; I just wanna have fun."
People start rumors and say things about me.
Funny thing is I didn't go to that party.
Why, oh why, can't you see?
You all are just like me.
We make mistakes and get in trouble.
Now, you know our hot-girls trouble.
 Just kidding; we're perfect.
Contrary to what you may be thinking, this appears not to be a joke. These blonde-haired, blue-eyed, upper class, self-proclaimed perfect girls do actually believe that they have problems on par with their non-hot peers. One of the advantages of the privileged is that they are rarely forced to acknowledge their own privilege, unlike the disadvantaged who are continually required to confront their lack of privilege. This is just a particularly egregious and callous example of the ignorance of the privileged.

I share this video with you for a couple of reasons. First, my misery needs company. If I have to hear this, so do you. [jokes] Second, I believe this music video could be put to good use in the classroom. Here are a handful of suggested questions that might spark conversation among students:
  1. In what ways are these girls advantaged over others?
  2. Do you think they recognize those advantages? If not, why not?
  3. In what ways, beyond just emotionally, could their lack of perspective be detrimental to their peers?
  4. How might privileged people like these be made aware of their advantages?
  5. In what ways are you advantaged over others?
UPDATE (1:12 PM):

     6. In what ways are beauty and class related?

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