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06 June 2012

A List of Christian Privileges

Christian Privilege is the unearned advantages that Christians experience as part of the dominant religion even if, as is most often the case, it goes unacknowledged (Seifert 2007). This concept runs completely counter to the dominant narrative among Evangelical Protestants in the United States who collectively believe that their religion is systematically persecuted by secular society and mainstream culture.* Based in part on lists created by Scholsser (2003) and Seifert and Goodman (2010), here are just ten out of countless privileges the typical Christian enjoys in the United States:
  1. I am likely to be off work or out of school during my religious holidays and weekly day of worship.
  2. My religious holidays are so "normal" that many question whether they still have religious significance.
  3. When I talk about my religion, others are unlikely to judge this as an unwanted act of proselytization.
  4. I can remain ignorant to the differences between religions since it's unlikely I'll be penalized for this.
  5. I can travel without others assuming I am putting them at risk and thus without putting myself at risk.
  6. I can openly disclose my religion without fear for my safety.
  7. It's unlikely that others will judge me for bad things done by those who happen to share my religion.
  8. Neither my citizenship nor the legality of my immigration status will be questioned because of my religion.
  9. My place of worship will not be targeted for violence.
  10. The media depicts my religion positively and often.
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* - Indeed, it's a highly ironic position akin to those who benefit from white privilege screaming "reverse racism!" More on this at another time, perhaps.


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