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28 June 2012

Musical Chairs

If you haven't heard yet, SCotUS upheld the core of Obamacare. Now, on to other things.

Jay Livingston has this cool post at Montclair SocioBlog about educated people forced into jobs by the recession for which they are overly qualified. Go there now and read the entire post. Sandwiched between some cool photographs and data is this gem of an analogy:
If this were a round of musical chairs with ten players, the nine people who fought their way to a seat might well be attributing their seated status to their own abilities. The tenth, looking at the whole scene from his standing position,  might see lack of success as having something to do with the ratio of chairs to people. "Nonsense,” say the seated ones. "I got my chair thanks to my own efforts, so stop complaining." 
This would make a great teaching exercise! I'm wondering if it is a little juvenile for even college frosh, but I'm going to give it a try this fall in my introductory-level soc class.

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