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15 August 2012

The Myopics of This Blogger

This is a first for this blog, but here it goes. Time for a mea culpa.

Last week, I posted critically about the discipline of Political Science. After having had time to think this over, I now realize that my conclusions were themselves, ironically, nearsighted. I often forget that my blog posts do not get sent out into the ether when I click "publish" but, instead, go out and are seen by people--including colleagues and friends who are affected by what, in this case, amounted to overreaching speculation. I realized that had I read a similar post about Sociology, I would likely have been offended. To those who were hurt and angered by that post, I apologize. While I hold criticism and academic freedom to be sacrosanct, I value collegiality and equity above virtually all else.

By the way, in case you missed it too, I'm pretty sure "myopics" isn't a word. My bad.

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