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23 December 2015

Music: "Happy Birthday, Jesus (The Kids Are Dead)" - Brad Koch

This is an original Christmas punk rock protest song. (Fair warning: it is not uplifting, will not be many's cup of tea, and likely will offend some of you, but I sincerely hope that it is motivating). I started writing it nearly three years ago. I dedicate it to the memory of the dead at Sandy Hook Elementary--and Santa Monica College and Washington Navy Yard and Fort Hood and Isla Vista and Emanuel Church and Chattanooga and Umpqua and Colorado Springs and....
When I'm not professoring or parenting or husbanding, I do my best to keep up my musical chops. This is my latest effort.

Happy Birthday, Jesus (The Kids Are Dead)

Happy birthday, Jesus; the kids are dead ×4

What’s the deal with angry, white men
clinging to their guns as if they’re
artificial extensions of their dicks?

It’s like they’re crying to their mommies
“How are we to fight the commies,
defend against the blacks and browns with sharpened sticks?”

They’ve lost their status and their power
so come the holy, ordained hour
they’ll stand their ground and proudly take it back

They’re blind to privilege and to reason
As everyone sings, “‘Tis the season”
they’re loading up their magazines for the attack

But as the “good guys” prophesy the coming doom
that one’s going rogue inside a classroom


They’ve memorized the Constitution
fomenting a revolution
taking back America from “them”

Inerrant and Divine-inspired
Amendment that should not be mired
Higher than the Savior born in Bethlehem

What’s the point in conversation
with soldiers for the liberation
of those who only look like them and theirs

They got their open-carry permit
Forgive me if I cry a moment
for the dismal state of domestic affairs

And as I sing this dirge of lament and of gloom
another child is shot dead in a classroom


©2015 Quasiology Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved.
Lyrics used by permission.
Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

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