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25 April 2016

Song Analysis Assignment for Soc of Music Course

I've been teaching the Sociology of Music (PDF) this semester. It was a new prep for me and is an area of research into which I've slowly been dipping my toe. Here is the assignment from the syllabus:
Song Analysis (12%): I will assign you a random class for which you will present a song of your choosing along with a sociological analysis of its contents. At the beginning of the respective class meeting, you will play the song for the class. (The song need not be related to that day’s topic.) (If the song is longer than five minutes, please play only a selection.) You should also provide copies of the lyrics (either hard copies or on the overhead). After playing the song, for approximately ten minutes, you will discuss the relevant sociological themes in the lyrics and/or performance, being sure to interact with your classmates, generating questions, debate, and discussion. Failure to present an analysis will result in a failing grade for the course.
Below is a playlist of all of the songs the class ended up selecting and analyzing. (The first three are my selections used for demonstration purposes.)

The assignment was definitely a success.

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