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27 September 2010

Running List of Pet Peeves: #'s 3-6: The Sedintary Edition

  1. Is opening the door really such a chore that you need to press the blue handicap button so that a motor can open it for you?

  2. Moving walkways are not for standing. Move your ass.

  3. Escalators are not elevators. Walk.

  4. Taking the elevator for any fewer than three or four floors (for anyone who is not in some way disabled, of course) is absurd. Take the stairs.

1 comment:

  1. 3. Yes (sometimes those doors are harder to open than normal doors because of the resistance provided by the motor)

    4. Strongly Agreed - they are called walkways, not standways!

    5. As long as people stand consistently to one side I am okay with standing in this case

    6. I think that three is the minimum, though I would rather walk up three flights of stairs than take an elevator up to the fourth floor and walk down one flight of stairs...