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09 September 2010

The Unlocatable Agency of Capitalism

Today from John Lardas Modern at The Immanent Frame:
Capitalism...does not exist in essence yet possesses an agency of its own. "The movement of capital," writes Brown [in Varieties of Secularism in a Secular Age], "violates both the creation of man [sic] (species being) and human capacity and creativity (making what we will of ourselves)—it violates holiness and humanism at once. Capital's profaning power blasphemes human divinity and inverts the proper order of things, reducing us to its effects." Capitalism is religious (and not simply like religion) precisely because of this unlocatable agency [my emphasis]. Transgression follows in its wake, the only mark of its existence, portending a general state of enchantment. Capitalism disrupts all manner of binaries, profaning both human being and potential, transforming the best of Enlightened intentions into all manner of benevolent stasis and bloodless alienation.
I love it.

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