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08 March 2011

Flowing Brooks of Emotion: What Are Things That Will Ferrell Might Name This Post?

David Brooks latest op-ed piece has been garnering lots of re-posts and notes today. Two of his conclusions are as follows:
...[E]motion is not opposed to reason; our emotions assign value to things and are the basis of reason....We are social animals, deeply interpenetrated with one another, who emerge out of relationships.
The later sentiment, in particular, is right on. I see a semantic difference that might cause some confusion, though. Many equate the internal feeling of emotion with the outward emotional disposition; the latter is all together different from the former. Granted, many--if not most--inward experiences of emotion elicit an outward emotional display; however, that is not what this is about. It's fairly in line with the differences between quantitative and qualitative methods in sociology.

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