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19 March 2011

Running List of Pet Peeves: #11 "Hostile Hallway Habits"

In the halls of the building of the school where I work, students often congregate outside of their classrooms before their classes begin. On the one hand, I am glad that they are there early and ready to go. On the other hand, they fail to respect that they are in a hallway. Hallways are for walking, not lounging. Now, I sympathize. You don't want to stand around, waiting for your professor. Fair enough. But, do you have to sit with your feet extended into the center of the hallway--on both sides? There are occasionally students who will retract their feet to make way for a passerby, but that is rare. More often than not, I am forced to goosestep over your limbs so that you can be comfortable.

Then, there are the guys (and yes, most are men) who will walk several persons abreast down the hallway completely oblivious to the people who are travelling toward them, in the opposite direction. On several occasions, I have stopped in my tracks only to have people walk into me as if I were invisible. Annoying.

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