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31 May 2011

Greek Travelogue: Tuesday

The taverna dinner last night was excellent. It came replete with guitar player and great conversation. It was my first chance to meet with students, and they seem like an excellent bunch. I'm anxious to get to know many of them better over the coming week. I really enjoyed the taverna model. It is very similar to what Americans are learning to appreciate in tapas. We had some Greek wines, both red and white. The red was like a sharp, diluted chianti while the white was like a pleasantly acrid sauvignon blanc. I particularly enjoyed the red. I had my first two Greek beers today, Alfa and Fix. Both were lagers akin to Pilsner Urquell though slightly less bold. They were nothing to write home about (even though I am literally writing home about them here).

This afternoon, we saw the Theater of Dionysus (among other ruins) and climbed the Acropolis. It was beautiful and surreal. It was also exhausting. I took tons of pictures but have no energy at the moment so I will do my best to post those tomorrow when I can find some spare time.

I spotted posters rallying the Athenians for a protest on Sunday. I'm sad that I won't be here to observe. One of our hosts at the CYA surprised us when he said that this was a wonderful time to be a Greek and that he'd want his children to be a part of these historic events. More on this later.

Fact o' the Day: Did you know that public restrooms are often unisex here in Greece with marked male and female stalls? It's interesting. (Why am I obsessed with the cultural differences in scatology?)

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