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24 August 2011

No One Can "Believe" Science

There was a cool piece in the WaPo today from Herb Silverman, a professor of mathematics at the College of Charleston. He writes:
Only 38 percent of Americans say they believe in evolution, and far too many politicians are either among the other 62 percent or pander to them....However, science is not and should not become democratic. If 100 million people believe a wrong thing, it is still a wrong thing.
The irony is that those who invoke arguments that would like science to be democratic are arguing for the very social change that they purport to despise, relativism. Science is a systematic search for truth (but not necessarily Truth). If truth can be revised with the shifting direction of public opinion, it has no absolute, universal basis, and that does not bode well for the very folks who are fighting the evidence.

UPDATE: Here is another, related HuffPost.

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