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14 August 2011

The Perverse Nature of Charity: Why Giving Isn't Good Enough

This is an issue that has been discussed in sociology for quite some time. It's nice to see a clergyperson advocating for real social change. Here is a selection to entice:
The problem with charity, including charitable deeds done by churches, is that it allows people to believe that a given social problem is being addressed, when actually there is only a Band-Aid being put on the wound. It allows donors to feel good because they think that they have "made a difference." Actually, charity may do more for the donors than for the institutions they purport to serve. The problems that people face in a country like ours, in which there is such a wide disparity of wealth, cannot be addressed comprehensively by charities, no matter how many people of good will donate or volunteer.
Now read the entire (and short) piece.

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