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01 February 2012

"Old World Style" Indeed

Here is another example in a long line of gendered expectations in the domestic sphere:

"Mom's the Word on Dinner" reinforces the notion that meal prep and childcare are both the roles of women. Men are completely absent in this ad. "But, Brad," one might argue, "this is simply a company that has done it's research: women actually do more of the grocery shopping, cooking, and child rearing," and that person would be right; however, while marketing campaigns like this may not create gender gaps in housework and the stereotypes that accompany them, they certainly contribute to their reproduction by playing them up.

Even if it does make good business sense to direct the advertising for this product at women, doesn't that approach create an untapped market that amounts to half of the population? Isn't it better business sense to sell products to everyone instead of just a few? I've dealt with this before, here.

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