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24 March 2012

Participant-observation Materials for Southerns

These are the materials from my presentation at Southerns. You can find related posts here and here.

Research Paper (30%): You will conduct a participant-observation/ethnography, attending a worship service outside of your own religious tradition.*  (See Table 1 below for more information on denomination/tradition classification.) You will take field notes after the service, type these up, and turn them in to me. In a 1250- to 1750-word paper, you will compare and contrast your own tradition to the one observed, discuss the demographic (i.e. race, class, gender, etc.) differences between the two, discuss the basic doctrinal differences between the two, and discuss the social causes and/or consequences of these differences. Your paper should cite at least one assigned reading from each of the four units of the course, and your paper should additionally include at least three references not used in class, at least one of which must be a primary document (e.g. website or bulletin) from the observed tradition and at least two of which must be an academic book or a sociological peer-reviewed journal article. You can find a guide to the American Sociological Association format for citation and reference below, which you should follow for your paper. You will be required to meet with me during office hours to get approval for a paper idea and a list of sources, all of which should be from 1992 or later except with my express permission. Failure to submit a paper will result in a failing grade for the course.

* - I am open to negotiating alternative projects for this assignment.


UPDATE: Here is a cool exercise on White Privilege from Teaching TSP.

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