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12 March 2012

PRRI Findings on Attitudes about Same-sex Marriage

Exciting new research from the Public Religion Research Institute! "Generations at Odds: The Millennial Generation and the Future of Gay and Lesbian Rights" has a lot of meat in it. Here is a link to their summary. Below is some stuff that I find particularly exciting.

Average public support is up:


Majorities in all traditions, except Black Protestants and white Evangelicals, favor same-sex marriage:


This largely matches people's understanding of the theological judgements of homosexual sex by tradition:


Not surprisingly, those who attend religious services more often are less likely to support same-sex marriage; however, Catholics who attend infrequently are more supportive than Catholics who attend seldom or never. I wonder what's going on there.

Encouragingly, a growing chunk of folks would be unfazed if their church started blessing homogamous couples:

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