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18 April 2012

Friday Music: "Contractor" - Lamb of God

I'm feeling compelled to start posting some music here to keep up with Conscience of a Liberal, SociologySounds, and the Global Sociology Blog. The genres, however, that show up on those blogs, for the most part, aren't my cup of tea. As I've posted before, my musical tastes are not typical for a person of my age or education. I much prefer a nice, tight metalcore song to an indie/alternative tune. Increasingly, I've noticed my tastes are in line with a subset of my younger students. Dylan and Guthrie are great, but I worry that students find them boring or quaint. So, for your consideration....

Here are the lyrics.

In "Contractor" (2009), Lamb of God (and, no, they aren't a Christian band) offer a critique of the second Iraq War, the military-industrial complex, and crony capitalism with overt allusions to Dick Cheney and Halliburton. Along with those topics, this song would be a good opportunity to discuss stereotypes, juxtaposing the supposed characteristics of the metal subculture as ignorant, hateful, and angry with the realities of this song and band as well-informed, seeking social justice, and--well, angry.

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