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03 July 2012

Taking License with Their Plates

Slate has a cool slideshow of specialty license plates from around the U.S. I've included several of the religiously-themed plates below. First, though, one from my own past.

In 2007, when I was in grad school, living in Indianapolis, Indiana started offering the plate below, not as a specialty plate, but as a standard plate. (To be sure, it is not the only standard plate. The other option for cars is here.)

This is one from South Carolina.

Here is one from Texas.

This proposal from Florida didn't make the cut.

Here is a playful rebuttal to the proposed plate above from Pagans in Florida.

I find these fascinating. Where is the line between church and state? Evidently, it falls somewhere beyond the tailgate of the American automobile.

h/t  Religion News Service


  1. Did you see that the "In God We Trust" plate has been updated in Indiana? It now looks like this: http://www.in.gov/bmv/2695.htm

  2. I did see that. They both make me equally angry. ;)

  3. A family member ordered the tag for my vehicle and chose the "In God We Trust" version. It turns out that the phrase is just printed on an adhesive strip and attached to the plate.

    Now it just reads "Trust".