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02 October 2012

The (Future) Value of the Liberal Arts Education

SLACer has a great post on the changing value of a liberal arts education. He writes:
...[T]he public seems to increasingly favor specialized degrees while the job market is moving toward uncertainty, meaning that students with specialized skills are less likely to get the jobs they are trained for. For today’s job market, it appears...that what students actually need is a well-rounded education that will prepare them to think through a variety of potential situations rather than to perform any particular task. Two recent articles reveal that I’m not alone.... I wonder when the public, and those in charge of the shrinking higher ed budgets, will catch on.
I think he really hits the nail on the head there but probably not in the way that we all would hope. As budgets continue to shrink or, slightly more optimistically, stop hemorrhaging, college in general, but especially private liberal arts college, will become increasingly less possible for the average student.

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