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11 March 2013

Spiritual or Religious? The Effects of Alienation on Supernatural Disposition, part 1

UPDATE (3/19/2013): I have updated the tables and figures below to incorporate the newly available GSS 2012 data here.

I posted previously about those who identify as religious but not spiritual. I'm expanding this into a bigger project, and I'm going to present some of the findings here on the blog as I work. I begin by constructing a dependent variable for "supernatural disposition" from the GSS variables that ask "To what extent do you consider yourself a religious person?" [RELPERSN] and "To what extent do you consider yourself a spiritual person?" [SPRTPRSN].

I simplify "very" and "moderately" into a positive response and "slightly" and "not" into a negative response. The new variable has four categories: (1) both religious and spiritual, (2) religious but not spiritual, (3) spiritual but not religious, and (4) neither religious nor spiritual. Here are all of the variables I include (listwise deletion):

Analysis to come.

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