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01 May 2013

A Girl and Her Atom?

If you haven't seen it yet, IBM has just released the world's smallest movie--using atoms:

I find it truly amazing! No really, this is a big deal, and it's very cool.

Why is it a boy, though? Presumably, they could have just as easily titled it "A Girl and Her Atom." (And, no, that doesn't mean that they would have needed to include more atoms to make a dress. Read here.) As one can see in the making-of movie, several women, after all, were part of the very team that made the movie happen.

It's fairly well known now that the so-called STEM fields are having trouble recruiting girls and women.* This seems like it would have been a simple place to combat some of that.

* - For more on gender and STEM, check out these great posts from Sociological Images:
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