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22 July 2013

Sociology for the U.K.!

Just a quick thought today that I'll be elaborating on in tomorrow's post. I've been watching a show, The Inbetweeners (UK), on Netflix recently. (There was a short-lived American remake on MTV last year.) The show is crude, often homophobic, sophomoric, and borderline misogynistic, but even given all that, I must admit that I find the show hilarious and endearing. (Blasphemy, I know.) Anyway, all of that is beside the point. In the first two seasons, the high school students in the show mention studying sociology several times. Sociology. In high school. In one episode, one of the principle characters and his love-interest even engage in a critical discussion of Parson's writing on the nuclear family. Parsons. In high school. Why hasn't sociology had such a presence in high schools in the U.S.?

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