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30 January 2017

Review of *The OA* (mild spoilers)

Like Stranger Things, I wanted The OA to be more sci-fi and less metaphysics/new age-y nonsense. I worry when things like angels and hidden dimensions are given a veneer of (pseudo)science that, even in fiction, science is diminished. That said, there was a lot that kept me in. I thought many of the performances were superb, particularly the actors who played the title character's parents. I thought the cinematography was great. The voyeurism of the handheld shots was very effective. There was a drone shot in the last episode that caught the reflection of the clouds in a pond that was breathtaking. Finally, I had a surprisingly emotional response to the dance scene at the end. I found the premise of the movements hokey at best, but it was quite effective when all the misfits performed it as modern, interpretive dance. Overall, I would recommend the series but with caveats.

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