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04 December 2017

Robots, Men, Women, and Nursing

This is good and worth watching:

However, I still think it leaves out a few important sociological findings:
  • Glass Ceiling
    • Even as women aspire to promotions and pay increases and those benefits appear accessible, there are structural barriers that hinder most women's ability to reach them.
      • Think about the different way we treat parents. Women are often not promoted because it is assumed that they will take maternity leave at some time. Even if it is assumed most men will have children during their career, it is not assumed that they will take leave, or at least not more than a few days.
  • Glass Escalator
    • Men who do work in traditionally feminine fields are often promoted out of the day-to-day work of those fields. 
      • Think about male kindergarten teachers. Many parents are uncomfortable with men teaching their kids at such a young age. Administrators can't fire these men. Instead, they promote them out of the classroom, making them principles. Of course, such promotions come with better pay, which could have gone to a woman but now is more likely to go to a man.
  • If nurses were paid better, men would be more likely to enter the field, and as men enter fields, those fields tend to offer better pay.

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