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25 June 2013

A Non-post in Protestation

So far, this has not been a good week. In two days, we've had two SCotUS rulings, the first of which was at best neutral, the second of which was horrific, and we are expecting a third ruling tomorrow. I write the following realizing fully that I might look back in a day, a week, or several years and read it as hyperbolic, but here is how I feel: the world seems to be entering free-fall.
  • deleterious SCotUS rulings
  • Fed signals tapering while employment levels are still abysmal
  • US officials are searching for a man who revealed to Americans that their government is spying on them
  • the EuroZone is still in danger of collapse
  • Syria is still happening
  • ...
This isn't a typical post for this blog, but I feel compelled to write it. I am frightened.

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  1. On the other hand, there's this: