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26 June 2013

A Real Post in Celebration

OK, so yesterday, I thought the sky was falling. While all of the awful things that I listed then are still happening and the overall situation is still dire, we do have reason to celebrate today. SCotUS has forced the federal government to recognize homogamous marriages (which means extending more than a thousand federal benefits to all married couples) and essentially revived legal homogamy in California. Some are arguing that it looks as if the Justices have set the stage for a future decision in which they could require all states to recognize homogamous marriages. I speculate that they felt that doing so in this ruling would have gone "too far, too fast," as Ginsburg recently lamented regarding Roe v. Wade. I disagree that a more sweeping ruling in this case would have been overreaching; however, this was a major step in the right direction.

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