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29 July 2013

How Many Quarks in a Sociology Textbook?

I've been watching a lot of YouTube lately, particularly some maths and physics channels. One of those is Sixty Symbols. Here is a screencap of regular contributor, Phil Moriarty. (Horns up, Phil!)

Notice the sociology textbook* on the shelf in the upper left of the frame? I'm not sure whether I should be buoyed or rankled by the presence of a sociology textbook in a physics professor's office. While I do not have a physics textbook on my office bookshelf, I could conceive of a sociologist having one at arm's reach if s/he were researching the culture of the discipline of physics or physics as an institution (e.g. the depiction of women in physics texts). I'm having a much harder time thinking of a reason for a physicist to have a sociology text. Maybe Phil is just interested in sociology, as I am interested in physics.

More on this later.

* - I can't read the authors' names on the binding. If anyone can identify the specific text, I'd love to hear from you.

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