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28 May 2011

Greek Travelogue: Prologue

Gents and Ladies, tomorrow, I leave for Greece. I'll be there for a week, care of Georgia College's International Education Center. I'll be tagging along for the first of four weeks of one of our Study Abroad programs. I'm going to do my best to post a blog entry here every night, interwebs access pending. I'll do my best to report on hoi polloi as I've been reading that they are less than happy with the recent forced-austerity from the European Union. I expect to see several strikes and protests--although, as a socialist and a tourist, I am a bit conflicted about how undoubtedly those will hinder my travels. Regardless, I'm excited to see several sites of prehistoric and New Testament religious significance. I'll let this simultaneously serve as a location for friends and family to keep up with me and as a place for me to muse about my experiences and how I might use them in the future as a potential leader of this experience. Yamas!

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