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06 June 2016

Business Charter

This is just a thought-exercise for what it might look like if I ever started a small business.

These shall serve as the binding, irrevocable principles of the firm in perpetuity:
  • At every opportunity, the firm shall do social good.
    • "Social good" shall be defined by the current social and behavioral scientific consensus.
  • The firm shall never do social harm.
    • "Social harm" shall likewise be defined by the current social and behavioral scientific consensus.
  • All employees of the firm (whether permanent, contract, or other and both current and retired but not terminated) shall be direct, voting shareholders of the firm.
    • Individual proportion of ownership may be linked to length of tenure with the firm but shall not be linked to skill, location in organizational hierarchy, or job prestige.
    • Shares of firm ownership shall never be public nor shall they be transferable; only current and retired employees may be shareholders.
      • The sum proportion of shares held by retired employees shall not exceed 49%.
  • All employees are required to take advantage of a minimum of 30 paid vacation days per year.
  • All employees have a right to due process among a representative sample of their shareholding peers.
  • Beyond shareholding, all employees are entitled to a living wage irrespective of the current governmental minimum wages.
  • All employees are entitled to necessary social benefits, including parental/eldercare leave, daycare, healthcare, and a livable retirement income, or, if not provided directly, to additional income beyond the living wage with which sufficiently to purchase such benefits individually.
  • Subordinate to all of the principles listed above, the firm is required to pursue financial profit for the shareholders.

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