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03 June 2018

New Original Music! (On the Threshing Floor)

Original artwork by Nat Freeman (https://www.instagram.com/badgerandwren/)


Also available wherever you find music (e.g. Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.).

I've made the decision to stop using Bandcamp for now. There is a great irony in the site. It was created as an alternative for musicians to more equitably control and profit from their music, but as listening habits have changed, people just aren't inclined to pay for music piecemeal anymore. This means that, as I linked to my Bandcamp site, people would go there to preview the song, listen once or twice, but then not purchase it. If I link to one of the more popular streaming sites, at least I get a few fractions of a cent for each of those listens. Ugh, late-capitalism....

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